Adam Lewis and Dinosaurs

Constant Mongrel. Two albums deep and they still feel kinda slept-on. New 7” sounding hot.

Most of you will probably be aware of how important community radio is to me. I started doing it when I was a socially awkward eighteen year old and i’ve somehow managed to spend the next nine years doing what I love for a living as a direct result. That’s pretty special.

Tomorrow night, our government is likely to pull funding for community radio across Australia. This is a gamechanger. It’ll end something that’s provided endless opportunities, not to mention a voice, to people across our country that need it far, far more than I ever have. That’s a scary thought.

Community Radio is essential. It provides the resource for those dedicated to fill in the huge, huge gaps in our broadcasting landscape that commercial media and government-owned media can’t. It punches far above its weight, and for a relatively small outlay, works incredibly effectively to improve the quality of life that we all enjoy here.

It’s mostly driven by passion, and it bubbles under the surface far more often than it makes a splash. That makes it something that, without a critical eye, may be taken out quietly, amidst the mania that’s no doubt going to ensue tomorrow night. But it’d be foolish. Community radio gives opportunity to those with passion, and offers both a voice and a sense of community to so many groups, cultures, localities and movements within our country. Lose community radio and you lose one of the most effective tools for a huge, diverse range of Australians.

Please do what you can to support community radio. Lending your support here is a good start:

Where to start. This is so spectacularly bad that one can’t look away. Coolio making a cameo kind of feels like someone being forced to watch their dreams burn. And the scary thing about it is that if you combined all of my musical passions over the years, something like this is probably the ugly result. Happy Friday, everyone!

Lorde is calling out paparazzi today (specifically, Simon Runting) and it’s excellent. The thought of being constantly followed and photographed without respite is hellish and claustrophobic.

Celebrity culture is built on refusing privacy to creative performers, and then revelling in the spectacle when they eventually unravel. Nobody, no matter how famous, should be told they “signed up for that”. Especially a teenager.

The Steve Miller Band. Not that Steve Miller Band. Though they also have a song called Who Do You Love.

This is Handsome Steve Miller from Moodists, Erika from Harmony, and friends. A Bo Diddley number delivered via a garage kick with just the right amount of weariness. It’s all a bit confusing and I like it.

It’s been about three years. Hi.